Hear From People Who Do Yoga Now!

“Why do yoga? For me it's simple, it makes me feel better. Where else can
simultaneously cleanse my body with my breath, strengthen my muscles, improve my posture and flexibility, and better my state of mind than in a yoga class. With Kathy as an instructor I feel both comfortable enough to practice the postures the way that is right for my body alone, and challenged enough to see results.”
-Jennette Munger

“I do yoga to settle my day and keep me feeling flexible and fit.  The classes and practice of yoga on my own have helped to ease a lot of joint soreness and lengthened my muscles to help with flexibility.  I come to these classes because I enjoy the atmosphere and trust the instructor.  Kathy’s classes are laid back, very relaxing and her presentation is the best I have ever had in a yoga class.”
-Mike Anderson

What a wonderful way to start my week: yoga on Monday morning.  I start centered, quieted and ready to solve problems.  I have only begun and have a long way to go toward the strength and flexibility I seek, but am already seeing improvement.  Thanks, Kathy!”
-Sharon Craig

“There are so many reasons that yoga is good for me, but I realize that mostly it is just because of Kathy.  She always knows exactly what to say and do to make me stay focused or regain my focus and stop the constant mind chatter that drives me crazy.   
I have a lot of emotions going on right now about my son's autism, and so yoga gives me a chance to clear my mind and just be.  I don't have to worry or think about anything during that hour.  It allows me to reset my mental capacity each week, so that I can start again, refreshed and renewed.  Without her patient, loving, and calming demeanor, it just wouldn't be the same. It's also good for my body to stretch and bend, and it never hurts afterward, I think, because she knows exactly what Kathy is doing so well.  She is amazing!  Her thoughtful, handwritten notes are really just too much.  I don't even know how to feel about your care and concern!”
-Nancy Hiquit

“I started yoga with Kathy a few years ago to help relieve some of the stress I felt after a long day as a kindergarten teacher! My yoga classes help me feel refreshed and I sleep better at night. I find that I can use the breathing techniques to create a sense of calm and well being in the midst of my busy day! As an added bonus, my strength and flexibility have increased.”
-Debbie VanDeventer

“I have done yoga off and on for two years.  I feel like I get a good stretch and am working on my balance.  I know I am doing something good for my body.  I like when Kathy tells us that when we do certain stretches it rejuvenates our blood supply to vital organs.  I always feel good about myself when I leave. I feel like I am doing something good for my body.  I have back issues and I know it has helped with that.”
-Tena Mitchell

Yoga is great for core strength and relaxation yoga is the one hour a week that is about me and re-centering myself.  I keep coming back because I feel great improvement in my posture, attitude and it is great fun!
-Avril Schutte-Owner, Rockytop Design

To enroll or for more information contact Kathy: 
(812) 603-6355 or ktherber@hotmail.com


Yoga Now classes are available in Columbus, Indiana