About yoga

Yoga is a system of well-being that addresses the whole person. Yoga practice targets stress through asana (postures), mindfulness, breathwork, and deep relaxation. The asana promote healthy, mindful movement of the entire body.

Benefits of practicing yoga include:
•  reduced stress
•  greater muscle flexibility and stronger bones
•  increased strength, balance, and coordination
•  improved circulation/cardiovascular endurance
•  regulated metabolism
•  toning and detoxification of the organs
•  improved focus/concentration.

The stress of life’s challenges contributes to 85% of all disease. As you remove stress from the mind you are able to access and experience calm, peace, and contentment. This is your natural state that may be left behind in the busyness of life.

Your body was designed to move. A stagnant lifestyle and tension can lead to pain and loss of mobility. Yoga practice can rid your body of binding stress so you become supple, strong, and efficient in the activities of life. It can feel so good to move again.

Yoga is a non-competitive practice that is process-oriented instead of goal-oriented. All ages and people can practice yoga.

  • Note:  If you are recovering from an injury or suffering from pain, a one-on-one class can be arranged to determine how yoga can be a part of your recovery.


Yoga Now classes are available in Columbus, Indiana